Hog & Rocks

Ham & Oysters

This menu is subject to change due to season and market availability. We pride ourselves in providing the freshest ingredients possible by choosing local and supporting our neighbors. Cheers!


Country Pork Pâté $10.5
Whole grain mustard, radish

Edwards Surryano (Virginia) $13
Aged 12 months, blackberry

Jamondor Serrano (Spain) $13
Aged 18 months, candied almond

Greci & Folzani Prosciutto (Italy) $13
Aged 21 months. house made ricotta

Ham Tasting Plate $24

* Suggested Pairing > Alvear Sherry Flight $15


Summerset (Washington) $2.5
Mild cucumber, grassy, creamy

Church Point (Washington) $3
High salinity, sweet mineral finish

Kusshi (British Columbia) $3.5
Ultra clean and delicate

Beausoleil (New Brunswick) $4
Clean, champagne aroma

Kumamoto (Washington) $4
Crisp, smooth, lemongrass

BBQ Oysters $9
3 w/ cocktail sauce, herb butter