Hog & Rocks


This menu is subject to change due to season and market availability. We pride ourselves in providing the freshest ingredients possible by choosing local and supporting our neighbors. Cheers


Seasonal Pickles $7

Chicken Liver Mousse $10
Green strawberry, tarragon, rye toast

Kennebec Fries $8.5
Egg yolk glaze or spiced

Pimento Cheese $8
Homemade pretzel (extra pretzel $3)

Deviled Eggs $9
Country ham & fried oyster


Shaved Artichoke $10.5
Peach, arugula, fiore sardo

Cucumber and Melon Salad $12
Mint, jalapeño, chevre

Salt & Pepper Wings $15
Miso, honey, mustard

Trotter Tots $14
Buttermilk ranch, pickled sugar snap, rosemary

Chicken Cordon Bleu Nuggets $14
Ham, bread and butter pickle, cheese sauce

Bone Marrow $16
Stonefruit, onion, toast


H & R Burger $17
Caramelized onion, cheese, lettuce, sauce, fries
+ fried duck egg $2 + blue cheese $2

Fish & Chips $20
Kennebec fries, malt vinegar, tartar sauce

Heritage Pork $22
Asparagus, fava, new potato, green garlic tapenade

Local Market Fish $26
Corn, porcini, plum


White Chocolate Blondie $8.5
Strawberry, seed streusel, tarragon

Ice Cream Sandwich $4 each
Bi-Rite ice cream, chocolate chip cookie