Hog & Rocks


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Coastal Collins $12
St. george terroir gin, lemon, pickled huckleberries

Cider Press Buck $12
Four roses yellow, lime, ginger syrup, golden state apple cider

Carter Beats the Devil $12
Vida mezcal, casa noble reposado, lime, agave, thai chili tincture

Nardini Black Manhattan $12
Rittenhouse rye, carpano antica, nardini amaro

Blood Orange Margarita $13
Tapatio blanco, blood orange, lime, agave

Citrus X $12
Larceny bourbon, calamondin, lemon, honey, averna, chocolate bitters

Old Fashioned $13
W.L. weller reserve bourbon, orange & fee old fashioned bitters

Penicillin $14
Black grouse scotch, lemon, honey, fresh ginger, laphroaig float

Bruleed Old Fashioned $15
High west ‘double rye’, caramel, orange bitters, lavender

Hog’s Barrel Select $15
Smooth ambler 8yr barrel strength rye (HR6), gum syrup, cherry vanilla bitters