Hog & Rocks


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Whiskey Peach Bellini 12
Peach infused bourbon, lemon, amaro nonino, cava

Blood Orange Collins 13
Vodka, blood orange, lemon, soda

Blackberry Mai Tai 13
Rum, curaçao, house orgeat, blackberry

19th Street Sling 13
Gin, angostura amaro, cherry heering, st. germain, grenadine, lime

Carter Beats the Devil 13
Mezcal, tapatio reposado, lime, agave,
thai chili tincture

Smokey Strawberry Balsamic Margarita 13
Blanco tequila, strawberry, lime, balsamic agave,
mezcal float, pepper

Old Fashioned 13
Bourbon, orange & fee old fashioned bitters

Nardini Black Manhattan 13
Rye, carpano antica, nardini amaro

Penicillin 14
Scotch, lemon, honey, fresh ginger, laphroaig float

Bruleed Old Fashioned 15
‘Double rye’, caramel, orange bitters, lavender

Hog’s Barrel Select Old Fashioned 15
Smooth ambler 8yr rye, gum syrup, cherry vanilla bitters

Earl Grey Old Fashioned 15
Bourbon, gum syrup, bergamot